Company Introduction

Yeh-Chiang Technology Corp. (“YCTC”) was initiated in 1994 as a company focused on electronic materials. Making huge market enhancements, the company completed its listing onto Taiwan 's stock market in 2002 (TPO: 6124) and became the global number 2 market leader in BGA sphere products by 2003. Expanding its business into other areas, YCTC became the world's first company to successfully commercial thermal pipes from the aeronautics industry to the computing world, speeding the development and growth of the PC industry. Taking on market leadership since 2004, YCTC has been the world's number one thermal pipe provider till now. The Company continues to strive in its field of excellence and is progressing to new application areas where “cooling the world” has become the company's vision for existence.



Office Locations
  YCTC employs more than 3,500 personnel worldwide and operates out of different locations in different parts of the world. Major production facilities, sales offices, and our headquarters are located in Yang-Mei ( Taiwan ), Zhong-Shan ( China ), Dong-Guan ( China ), Kun-Shan ( China ), Chu-Hai ( China ), and Taipei ( Taiwan ).  
Corporate Milestones
  1994 - Inception of company (Dec. 23, 1994)  
  1995 - Launch of MLCC products  
  1996 - Launch of BGA products  
  Completed filing as a Public Company.  
  1997 - R&D of Thermal Solutions  
  Launch of SMT electronic materials business  
  1998 - Completion of 2 nd and 3 rd factory spaces  
  1999 - Design wins with major Semiconductor companies (ASE, SPIL, AMD, etc.) on BGA sphere product lines  
  2000 - Launch of Lead Free products  
  Design win with ST. Microelectronics on BGA sphere product lines  
  Launch of MLCI and Bead products  
  2001 - Design wins with major IC design houses (Intel, Motorola) on BGA sphere product lines  
  Design wins with major PC companies (DELL, HP) on thermal pipe product lines  
  2002 - Completed listing onto Taiwan 's OTC exchange. Ticker number: 6124  
  2003 - Establishment of overseas manufacturing facilities in Dong Guan (Yeh-Chiang Technology Dong Guan Co., Ltd.)  
  2004 - Ranking globally as the #1 and largest Thermal Pipe solutions supplier  
  Establishment of the 2 nd manufacturing facility in China (Yeh-Chiang Technology Kun Shan Co., Ltd.)  
  Establishment of the 3 rd manufacturing facility in China (Zhong Shan Weiqiang Technology Co., Ltd.)  
  2005 - Design win with ATI on lead free electronic materials product lines  
Our Customers
  • Original equipment manufacturers of computing systems and electronic devices.
  • Semiconductor companies.
  • Manufacturers using SMT processes.
  • Manufacturers requiring thermal solutions.
  • Thermal module design and manufacturing companies.
  • System houses that need cooling technologies.
Our Corporate Values
YCTC has grown rapidly principally from the technical innovations and designs from new application development, new markets, and new concepts created from the efforts of our employees and management. These workplace philosophies have evolved YCTC into an objective oriented corporation, and have formed an YCTC distinctive culture, built into our Corporate Values.  
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AGPA65-1 公司治理守則.pdf  
AGPA66-1 公司誠信經營守則.pdf  
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Partner Satisfaction

All parties that are in touch with YCTC are classified as our partners. To make our business successful, we collaborate with our Partners on all aspects to build on mutual success. Our objective is to :

  • Listen, respond, and conduct designs with our customers;
  • Establish a long lasting relation with our suppliers;
  • Achieve profit requirements as expected by our shareholders;
  • Provide competitive products and services;
  • Enhance our customers' advantage by using our products and services;
  • Provide clear messages across the board to decrease inefficiencies;
  • Decrease all barriers in working with us;
  • Becoming the vendor of your choice.
  Enhanced Quality Assurance  
  We put special emphasis on our quality assurance programs to make sure that our products and services match finely with that of our customer's. In respect, we also require our suppliers to provide ensured quality products and services to us so that the whole supply chain can be near error free. We provide continuous improvement of our quality programs and work with our customers to target perfect matches in quality requirements.  
  Highly Disciplined  
  Being a major supplier of critical components to the whole industry, we request all our partner employees to be highly disciplined and act in accordance to corporate principals and behavior. Our businesses are conducted with highly uncompromised integrity and professionalism to meet commitments and requirements. All details are reviewed on a constant basis to minimize risk factors that could both affect our Partners or us.  
AGPA68-1 員工申訴處理作業標準.pdf AGPA01-1防範內線交易管理規定.pdf
  Provide a Productive Work Environment  

While our employees are focused on creating value to our Partners, we provide alternative methods to take care of factors that affect their work. To cut red tape and enhance efficiency on work and communication, we create a productive and challenging work environment. It is requested that all our employees are:

  • Open and direct communication irregardless of corporate levels.
  • Working as a team with full respect and trust for each other.
  • Working fairly and assisting corporate members when needed.
  • Establishing a challenging work environment.
  • Managing and rewarding on a fair basis.
  • Recognizing accomplishments.
  • Correcting errors when they happen.
  • Contributing and creating values to communities worldwide.
COPA01-7 環境及職業健康安全管理組織與權責管理程序.pdf COPA02-7 環境影響及職業健康安全風險界定及重大衝擊評估作業程序.pdf
COPA04-3 環境及職業健康安全方案管理程序.pdf COPA07-4 噪聲管理程序.pdf
  Objective Oriented  

We set strict guidelines to achieve our objectives and constantly evaluate our processes for required modifications. Our employees are expected to assume full responsibilities for their actions and achieve established challenging goals within the set timeframe. All problems are confronted and solved immediately and objectives are expected to be achieved with flawless execution.

These values are deeply integrated into YCTC's daily operation methods, concepts, activities, and management structures. Building our Corporate Values on these foundations, we are set on remaining competitive to serve and satisfy our Partners' demands and allow our company, employees, and management to strive on the results of these values.

Environmental Policy  
  Upon establishment of YCTC, environmental protection and awareness has been part of the company's Vision. Clean technology is a must. Leading the industry in every aspect to take necessary actions for environment friendly materials, YCTC has succeeded to utilize non hazardous materials in its products. R&D is still ongoing for search of newer and even friendlier technologies that can at the same time fulfill mankind's demand for new products and help preserve mother Earth. YCTC has also contributed to the society by solid actions and efforts in various stances of activities.  
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COWA004-4 廢水、廢氣處理作業指導書.pdf COWA005-3 危險廢棄物處理作業指導書.pdf
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